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The disgraced former MP Margaret Moran was able to escape prison on Friday the 14th of December when a team of so-called experts [or softies more likely] decreed that Moran was too doo-lally to enter a plea. This is a sickening example of a feeble society where nobody is willing to accept responsibility for anything. When our political superiors lack the integrity to put their hands up and admit their own wrongdoing and have the courage to face the consequences, like the rest of us poor bastards, then this country is finished. No wonder, the yoof go looting, when they see the middle-class law-makers deteriorate into white-collar law-breakers. The trouble with the actress, Margaret Moron, is that having been a legislator [and by implication, a parliamentary law-maker], she knows how the system works, and is therefore ideally placed to work the system in her cowardly favour. She is one of many bourgeois villains who appear to be too ill to stand trial but who were in perfectly rude health to commit crime in the first place. Chirac in France and Mubarak in Egypt are but two recent examples of folk ‘doing a Petain’ and faking ill health in order to achieve leniency. There should be a re-trial. Otherwise British justice is a sick joke. As someone who broke the law many years ago, I had to take my punishment on the chin. It would be good if other high-ranking hypocrites accepted blame too and took responsibility for their actions, like the rest of us plebs. To thwart justice and cling onto their pampered lifestyle sends out a terrible signal to the rest of the society. I believe that the expression that springs to mind is: “one rule for them; one rule for the rest of us”. Well, I am fucking livid about you Margaret Moron. 
                Gary Watton; author, commentator, and historian; December 2012

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Posted on 01:51AM on Jan 22nd, 2013
You don't know the whole story. And comparing your experiences to others is almost never a good practice.
Posted on 06:00AM on Jan 23rd, 2013
Ultimately nobody knows "the whole story" about anything, but we are still entitled to make an assessment of a set of circumstances, based on the evidence that has been provided to us. I think that on the basis that Margaret Moran stole from the taxpayer via obscene expenses claims and then escaped a prison sentence via a bout of drama queen histrionics, then I am ******* keen to be bloody angry. If you take the view that one does not know the whole story, then you could apply that premise to almost any circumstances. For example if someone states that the Holocaust was a wicked act, are you going to retort "you don't know the whole story"?!
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